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Out of the stockpot
homemade creamed fish soup 6,90 €
Hearty goulash soup 5,90 €
creamed pumpkin soup 5,90 €

fig caramelized with goatcheese, with caramelized pistachios 9,80 €
pink-roasted veal back, with salad, mushrooms, vegetables and herbs
10,50 €
black pudding, with apple chutney, mashed potatoes, fried onions and sauce
as a starter
as main dish

10,50 €
19,90 €

main dishes
„Wiener Schnitzel“ – thin calves back roasted in crispy breadcrumb coating, garnished with lemon, croquettes and cucumber salad
19,90 €

Argentinean Rump steak with red wine shallots on bacon beans and roasted potatoes

22,90 €

two Argentinean sirloin steaks with pepper sauce, chips and a mixed salad

20,50 €

„Züricher Geschnetzeltes“ diced beef and pork with fresh mushrooms, potato pancakes and salad

17,90 €

Two crispy Schnitzel with creamed mushroom gravy and chips

13,90 €
Out of the water
Prawns with colorful vegetables in a green curry sauce (hot) on top of tagliatelle 16,50 €
Roasted plaice filet with bacon and onions in addition to roasted potatoes and cucumber salad 16,90 €
veggie dishes
Colorful vegetables in a green curry sauce (hot) on top of tagliatelle 11,90 €

„Salad fish“ – big mixed salad with smoked salmon and roasted prawns
14,90 €
„Salad special “ – big mixed salad with slices of a sirloin steak
14,90 €
"Summer Salad" - big mixed salad mith melon, feta and raspberry dressing
13,90 €

junior menu

„Mario“ - Schnitzel with chips
5,90 €

Three potatoe pancakes with cinnomon and sugar

3,50 €
„Wilhelm“ -

Roasted potatoes with a fried egg and gherkins

4,90 €
„Louis“ - 2 scoops of ice cream with sprinkles 2,00 €

Rhubarb strawberry compote with homemade yoghurt ice cream

5,30 €

Three-fold Panna Cotta - Classic, basil and strawberry

5,20 €
“soft angel”- Vanilla ice cream with orange juice, cream and rosemary 4,90 €
Small sweet finish: one scoop of home-made ice creams 2,00 €
"Yummi Yummni" Lantenhammer coffee liqueur with an espresso 5,20 €
„men’s dessert“ - espresso in addition to Grappa 5,20 €
„lady’s dessert“ - Cappuccino in addition to Ramazzotti on ice 4,40 €
We hold an extract of the allergenic list for you. Our dishes do not contain ingredients that are subject to specific labeling.